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- Is there a certain shower I shouldn’t use?

- None of them. Everything here is covered with semen.

US soldier
Combat Outpost, Konar Province, Afghanistan

Watershed Stories

Using Instagram to reach new audiences with stories from Africa's Last Frontier

This image, and the story that goes with it, are pieces in an ongoing experiment in social media storytelling that appears only on Instagram. Comprised of posts that pair one image with a short, evocative text, these stories tell of life along the waterway that connects southern Ethiopia with northern Kenya.

The series was first posted to National Geographic’s Instagram feed. It has been viewed and “liked” nearly 11 million times and commented upon by tens of thousands of users, allowing us to reach a vast new audience.

Last Rites for the Jade Sea

Kenya's Lake Turkana | in National Geographic

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Fly by Light

The Men Who Would Fly Forever | in National Geographic

A Gathering Menace

Making Taliban | in The American Scholar

The Revolution is

Castro's Cuba at 50 | in VQR | Winner of the Silver Lowell Thomas Award

Story Consulting

Instagram for students + clients

The Bear

Photography, memory, cold

VQR’s “True Story”

A Social Media Experiment in Non-Fiction

Telling Powerful Short Narratives

in Harvard's Nieman Reports

Documentary Poetry

From Instagram to The American Scholar / Social + Print media