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Nowhere Girl

April 14, 2015

This spring The American Scholar has published a story from my recent work in Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp. The piece began as a short piece posted to Instagram, and this collaboration with The Scholar is about experimenting with how we share stories, and how they might move from one platform to another to give a larger sense than any single work can do on its own. The Scholar is also running a gallery of portraits I made in and around Kakuma, and I’ll be rolling out a new series of picture-stories on Instagram this week.

Narrative Conference

March 18, 2015

Next week I’ll be speaking at The Power of Narrative Conference in Boston. The lineup looks great this year (more on speakers + sked), and I’m particularly excited to be on a panel discussing Instagram storytelling with a pair of writers I admire: Jeff Sharlet and Darcy Courteau. If you’re in town, come on over and join us.

Instagram II

February 01, 2015

I’m traveling West this week to the headquarters of Instagram, to present a second storytelling workshop to their talented crew. Peter Gwin and I will be talking about how narratives form in our minds long before we realize it, and how pictures and words can work together most effectively.

Nowhere Stories: Kakuma

October 31, 2014

Headed to northern Kenya this month to begin work on a documentary project at the Kakuma refugee camp. Check out my Instagram for stories about the people we’re working with.

Encounters with the Great War

September 18, 2014

This winter, while I was holed up against blizzards on Cape Cod, Bruce Falconer and I started talking about World War One. The centennial was approaching, and we’re nerds on the subject, so it became the kind of awesome, meandering conversation that seems somehow rarer, even though it spread across every latest connection—text, facebook, email, voicemail, snail mail. The result appears now in the autumn issue of The American Scholar, an essay in which we explore how the war speaks across a century, beyond death. Thanks to Bruce, Editor Bob Wilson, and the Imperial War Museum for the spark and the space to explore. I wasn’t sure at first how to begin this one, so I let Claude Monet’s cathedrals—his quantum visions from Rouen—lead me in.

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